DSC_3516Dear Neighbor,

Four years ago, as Manitowoc faced challenges not seen in generations, I came to you with a plan that

I believed would help us right the ship and lead our city in a new direction.

You’ve given me a tremendous honor in electing me to serve as your Mayor. I’m proud to come to you and tell that I believe I have fulfilled the commitment I made and proven my leadership.

Four years ago I promised that under my leadership we would: reduce the debt, create an environment that fosters job growth, and create a more open and transparent government. Four years later I can tell you that unemployment has dropped from 14% to 8%, with more than 300 of those jobs coming from projects that the city was an invested partner in. We have paid off more debt than we have incurred annually, and I have implemented a debt reduction plan that cuts our debt in half by 2018. Most importantly, we’ve put our fiscal house back in order and ushered in an era of honest, transparent and responsible budgeting.

The last four years haven’t been easy, but we’ve made progress. There is much more to be done and I hope to tackle those issues over the next four years.

If re-elected I promise to continue my track record of responsible budgeting and cut our debt in half by 2018. I will work to strategically reinvest in the quality of life issues that have made us the 2nd Best Small City to raise a family, twice, and that will grow the tourism economy that we rely on. Further, I promise to aggressively assess opportunities to more cost-effectively provide services through partnerships with neighboring communities.

I’m humbled to be able to ask for the opportunity to continue our work. I appreciate your support on April 2nd.

With Gratitude,