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I am running for re-election as your Mayor!
I am humbled by your support these past 7 plus years. I love this job and more importantly I love this city. We are entering this next election with; a strong record, a thoughtful and progressive vision moving forward, and your continued strong support.
The past few years have been difficult as we were faced with many budgetary challenges and eye sores in the community. We patiently dealt with these issues knowing we had to make them our priority and focus. We accomplished a lot. The budget is extraordinarily better today than it was when I first took office and we’ve reduced our debt by almost $25 million dollars. We’ve focused on removing the eye sores of the mid-cities mall and mirro (which will be demolished soon). We have set ourselves up financially to be able to reinvest in the community and we’ve removed the blight of the past to focus on the future.
Therefore, I am presenting to you a 22 point plan of 22 areas in the city that we need to focus on and prioritize between now and 2022. It’s aggressive. It’s bold. A lot of it won’t be easy and the city won’t be able to do it alone. With your support we can accomplish these goals and move this city forward.
Visit this website to view the 22 point plan and to learn more about my vision for this community over the next few years.
Again, I am grateful each and every day for the support you have given me and the opportunity to serve as your Mayor. I am excited to focus on our future and I hope to earn your vote next April.

Together, we can ensure our tomorrow is brighter than our yesterday.


Thank you.


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