Feb 23

Business Update: Forefront Dermatology

This week’s business spotlight is Forefront Dermatology.
“If not for Mayor Justin Nickels and his leadership back in 2009 and beyond, Forefront Dermatology would have expanded in a different community. He was instrumental in convincing us that Manitowoc was the best business decision we could make.” – Dr. Kenneth Katz, President and Founder of Forefront Dermatology
Forefront Dermatology is an amazing story for the City of Manitowoc, especially for the revitalization of downtown.
In the mid-2000’s this company (then known as Dermatology Associates) had a handful of employees in downtown and opened a single clinic on the west side of the city.
Today, thanks to Dr. Katz’s vision and determination, they have 300-plus employees in Downtown Manitowoc alone (over a thousand company-wide throughout their clinics across the country) and have increased their overall downtown payroll from basically nothing in the mid-2000’s to over $20 million dollars in 2016. In 2016 alone, they added over 100 downtown jobs and grew their salaries by roughly $8.4 million (a 65% increase). The jobs created range from entry level Contact Center representatives, to specialized Dermatopathologists, to middle and senior level management.
Forefront also has increased its real estate downtown going from 36,090 square feet in 2015 to 71,590 square feet in 2016.
The company plans to continue this growth and they are committed to Downtown Manitowoc. They plan to see equivalent growth in employees in 2017 as they had in 2016. And, they have no plans to stop in the foreseeable future.
According to Dr. Katz; “Mayor Nickels meets with me regularly to help think of ways the city can assist our business in continued growth in Manitowoc instead of elsewhere. He and his staff helped us to work with Lakeshore Technical College for training our employees, we worked on a public/private partnership to add 50 parking stalls downtown while removing a blighted building, and our company is excited that Downtown Manitowoc will be a focus of Mayor Nickels and his administration over the next few years, especially to figure out a long-term parking solution so we can continue to expand in Downtown Manitowoc.”
Next week there will be a major announcement from one of our local businesses and myself. Tune in for more great news from Manitowoc!