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Mar 28

2016 Budget SURPLUS

Our 2016 budget audit results are in.   The 2016 fiscal year for the City of Manitowoc ended with over a half-million dollar SURPLUS.   Over the past few years, we have been working diligently on controlling our costs and getting our budget balanced. We have gone from budget deficits to budget surpluses throughout the …

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Mar 10


Experience was a main discussion at the last mayoral forum.   My opponent stated, “I am saying it is time for somebody with real experience and real government background to be in office.”   I couldn’t agree more.   There is only 1 candidate in this race who has real on-the-job experience and real local …

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Mar 09

The Future of Your City | Part 6

The Future of Your City | Part 6 of 9   Thank you for tuning in today.   The City of Manitowoc’s main priority under my administration is Economic Development. This includes working with current businesses, aggressively seeking grant dollars for growth throughout our community, looking for new business opportunities, and an open line of …

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Mar 08

Kerry/Red Arrow Plans to Invest in Manitowoc

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 8th, 2017 Announcement from: Kerry/Red Arrow and Mayor Justin M. Nickels   Kerry plans to open new, state-of-the-art Manitowoc production facility   Manitowoc, WI – Kerry announces the intent to purchase, expand, and renovate a new cutting-edge production facility in Manitowoc. The new facility will produce a variety of liquid smoke …

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Mar 07

Absentee Ballot Voting Information

If you are unable to vote in person for the election, please consider filling out an absentee ballot request. You can find information on this here: 

Mar 03

The Future of Your City | Part 5

The Future of Your City | Part 5 of 9   Today I would like to address the drug problem in our community and what we are doing to address it.   There is no doubt that the drug problem has become more visible over the past few years. Sadly this issue is much larger …

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Mar 02

Downtown Parking Plan Facts

Downtown Parking Plan Facts I need to address a few comments made by my opponent that are false. I am providing this information so you can read comments made by both candidates with factual data versus random comments. It’s lengthy, but there is a lot of information. I will try to keep my personal opinions …

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Feb 27

The Future of Your City | Part 4

The Future of Your City Part 4 of 9   Thank you for tuning in today.   The past few weeks I’ve talked about my past experiences and what we have accomplished the last 8 years in office.   Today I would like to focus on the future because that’s really what this election is …

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Feb 23

Business Update: Forefront Dermatology

This week’s business spotlight is Forefront Dermatology.   “If not for Mayor Justin Nickels and his leadership back in 2009 and beyond, Forefront Dermatology would have expanded in a different community. He was instrumental in convincing us that Manitowoc was the best business decision we could make.” – Dr. Kenneth Katz, President and Founder of …

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Feb 17

The Future of Your City | Part 3

    The Future of Your City | Part 3 of 9   Thank you for tuning in today.   The past few weeks my opponent has been arguing that experience is necessary to adequately serve as your mayor.   I couldn’t agree with him more.   The question you as the voter should be …

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