Mar 10


Experience was a main discussion at the last mayoral forum.
My opponent stated, “I am saying it is time for somebody with real experience and real government background to be in office.”
I couldn’t agree more.
There is only 1 candidate in this race who has real on-the-job experience and real local government background.
I served on the Common Council from 2005-2009. I was the Council President from 2007-2008 and served on the Finance Committee for four years and as the Chairman of the Personnel Committee for four years. My opponent stated during the forum that he would not be interested in serving on the Common Council.
I have served as your mayor from 2009-present. I have operated an organization with a $50 million dollar budget and 350 employees. I promised you in 2009 that I would reduce our debt, and I have, from $76 million to $50 million. I have overseen an economy that went from 15% unemployment in 2009 to under 5% today.
If I earn your vote for another term as mayor, you will have someone that has spent his entire life and career dedicated to improving the city that he loves. Someone who has reduced our debt, balanced our budget, and established meaningful relationships with local businesses.
25 days until Election Day. Can I count on your support?