Feb 15

Low Utility Rates in Manitowoc

Did you know that your electric rates have decreased 3% since Jan. 1st, 2009 and that your water rates are the 2nd lowest of major cities in the entire state? Electric rates were reduced at the beginning of 2017 for the third straight time since I was first elected Mayor.
As a member of the Manitowoc Public Utilities Commission, it’s our goal to keep rates low for our citizens and to attract businesses to our community. We are able to do this, in large part, because MPU is a community-owned utility providing; water, electric, steam, and broadband access for our business community.
MPU has very dedicated employees and a commission made up of citizens that continue to provide quality service at a very low cost.
Having low rates and local control provides us an excellent opportunity for economic growth. We hold an industrial breakfast annually for our major customers and we continue to hear positive feedback on low rates and great customer service.