Feb 15


The Common Council unanimously approved a demolition contractor for the Mirro building on Monday, Feb. 13th.

The winning contractor is Brandenburg Industrial Services out of Chicago, IL (major corporation that specializes in demolition, they are currently doing some work in Green Bay).

The contract states that the building must be demolished to grade between March 1st and July 1st, 2017.

The cost of demolition is: $1,402,841.50

The cost of disposal of waste is: $585,000 (Waste Management won that contract)

The total cost of the demolition project is then: $1,987,841.50

As you may recall, the city borrowed $2.4 million in the 2016 budget for this and $300,000 was allocated as a contingency in the 2017 budget (used from savings on the Dewey Street project). Total budgeted for demolition was $2.7 million.

We already have a contract with Holian Environmental Cleaning Corp. for the asbestos removal which is happening as we speak. That contract was for $583,516.80.

Adding those 2 together we would have a total demolition cost of: $2,571,358.30 – or $128,641.70 less than we budgeted for.

We also approved $398,000 from the Brownfields Advisory Committee. These are Federal dollars that will be used for environmental remediation and to pay Stantec, our general contractor on the project (got all the bid specs together, went through the building to determine scope of work, and will continue through the project’s completion). These dollars help offset the local share that would have increased the total demolition cost.

We are also aggressively seeking another state grant (Idle Sites Grant) for $500,000 to offset the local share.

As always, there may be costs that pop up unexpected. We have thoroughly vetted the building, so we don’t expect much during demolition. There may also be some tipping taxes (charged by the state), but we are trying to eliminate those (since we are a municipality).

We will schedule a “demolition ceremony” with a first swing at the building in the near future. This will be worked out with Brandenburg and my office. We have not made a decision on selling wood/bricks from the building yet; that also will be discussed with Brandenburg. The city will issue a press release once this is known.

I know this has been a long process, however we worked aggressively to ensure the local taxpayers paid the least amount possible to remove this eye sore from our community. It took time and skill to get the former owner off the property without a cost to the taxpayers, which we accomplished.

Thank you for your support in this project, your voices were heard by the elected officials and today we begin to see the end of this blight in our community. While the physical structure will be gone soon, we still plan on having an area on the property dedicated to the men and women who worked at Mirro over its 100 years in Manitowoc.