Dec 12

Nickels Announces Intent to Re-Open Library on Thursdays in 2018 Budget

Over the next few weeks I will be rolling out several plans or proposals that I will implement if I am fortunate enough to earn your vote for a third term on April 4th, 2017.
Through steadfast leadership and strict budgeting, we have balanced the city budget, cut the overall debt by $26 million dollars, increased our reserve funds, and set a course for fiscally responsible budgets moving forward. We had to make tough decisions along the way, but the benefits of those decisions are beginning to pay off.
A result was closing the doors of the Manitowoc Public Library on Thursday’s. While not an easy decision, it was a necessary one given our budget at the time (even for 2017).
We cannot talk about a successful and vibrant downtown if stores are closed during the week. I would argue this to be the same for the Library. There are several other benefits of the Library being open to the public 7-days a week.
Therefore, I will make opening the Manitowoc Public Library on Thursday’s a top priority of the 2018 budget. I promise to find the solution and the dollars to accomplish this priority. The 2018 budget (thanks to our past budgeting strategies) will allow for the Library to be open on Thursday’s (without a tax increase for this purpose) if we make it a priority to do so.
If I am re-elected, I will make that a priority for you. I have received a plethora of feedback from citizens on their desire to re-open on Thursday’s. I hear you, and I will willing (and wanting) to make it happen. We also have new leadership at the Library and I am excited to see the great things we can accomplish together.