Open Government

It has always been a top priority of mine to provide an open and transparent government, especially within the Mayor’s Office. Here are a few things I have implemented since first being elected in 2009:

  1. Annual Budget Listening Sessions
    1. Every budget year I hold listening sessions for citizens to share their thoughts or concerns about my proposed budget.
  2. Annual Mayor’s Business Roundtable
    1. We invite every business, large and small, to attend this roundtable which includes myself and key staff throughout City Hall. The goal is to bring City Hall to our business community, to address any concerns, and to work together for the continued growth of our community. This has been a huge success since our first one in 2011.
  3. City Website
    1. In 2009 I budgeted for a complete upgrade of our city website. We will be going through a completely new upgrade again in 2017 to become more user friendly. You can sign up for notifications of meetings and emergency alerts, contact your elected officials, and view just about anything you need to find. View the city website here:
  4. Open Gov
    1. This is a new program that was added to our website in 2016. It details every single budget within the city so the citizens can review every nickel spent. View OpenGov here:
  5. Granicus
    1. The Mayor and Common Council went paperless in 2014. With this we incorporated a new program called Granicus which elected officials can utilize on iPads (instead of paper copies) for all their documents. Every committee meeting is now available to citizens online. Citizens can see every document the elected officials see (except confidential documents) and can watch council and committee meetings live, or at a later date. View Granicus here: manitowoc.legistar.comĀ 
  6. Facebook and Twitter
    1. I make a strong effort to continually update the citizens via Facebook and Twitter. I usually post 1-2 times per day on items pertinent to the City of Manitowoc. “Like” my Facebook page here: Mayor Justin M. Nickels or follow me on Twitter here: @mantymayor
  7. Office Hours
    1. I maintain regular office hours at City Hall and always take time to answer the phone or talk to individuals who stop up to see me (assuming I’m not in a meeting or already on the phone).
  8. In the Community
    1. You’ll always see me at community events or throughout the community. I always love citizen input no matter where I am, even if you see me in the grocery store. Stop and say hi and share your thoughts. I treat this as a 24/7 job and I am always willing to speak to you.