Feb 03

The Future of Your City | Part 1

The Future of Your City Part 1 of 9

Thank you for tuning in today.


I’m Justin Nickels, the Mayor of the City of Manitowoc.


Over the next 9 weeks I will be sharing my vision for the future of our community with these 5 minute radio ads. I’ll review how we got to this point, but my main focus will be on the next 4 years.


Elections are great opportunities to share our vision of what we want our community to be. That’s why I titled this program “the future of your city” – I want to focus on what Manitowoc can become with the visions and plans I am presenting. This community belongs to all of us and I need you to be engaged in this election process to share your thoughts and your visions on how we can become an even greater place to live, work, and play.


I also want to take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Nelson to the race and thank him for stepping forward to present his ideas for what the mayor should do over the next 4 years. All too often we see races uncontested. The citizens deserve a choice and an opportunity to hold elected officials and those running for office responsible for what they say and do. It’s not easy running for Mayor, this will be my third time, I know. So when people like Mr. Nelson are willing to step forward and devote the time and energy necessary, they should be complimented.


I’m looking forward to a very positive and robust campaign with him.


I would ask one thing from you as the voters, however. Please hold both of us accountable. Don’t settle for rhetoric or unanswered questions. If we put a proposal out there or if we say we can do something better than the other, make us provide facts, or data, or proof of how we will accomplish what we say we are going to do. By doing so, the best person will win on April 4th and lead this city over the next 4 years and every citizen will benefit from that.


We live in a great community. I am proud to have been born and raised here, to go to school here, to officiate basketball games here, to go to events here, and to enjoy life on the lakeshore. I’m proud that my entire family since my great-grandfather has called this place home. My main goal over the past 8 years has been to leave this place better than I found it. That’s still my goal for the next 4 years. Each day we can improve, and I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead of us.


I have 3 beautiful nieces now and I want to ensure that they are proud to call Manitowoc their home when they go through school, get jobs, and raise their own families here someday. My parents have retired and I want to ensure they have a safe and clean community to live out their days in. I want that for all our citizens and I’ve worked tirelessly the past 12 years as an elected official to try and accomplish that.


I don’t expect you to vote for me just because I am the incumbent. I don’t expect to just be given your vote. My job over the next 9 weeks of this campaign is to earn your vote to continue to serve you the next 4 years. I will lay out my plans and proposals for what I think our community needs to do the next 4 years and beyond. However, these plans and proposals really came from you after listening to you the past 8 years as your mayor and 4 years before that serving District 2 on the Common Council.


These past 8 years have arguably been the most difficult times our city has seen in decades. I view the challenges we faced as opportunities to do great things. That’s why I have crafted a very robust 22-point plan that I want to implement over the next 4 years. It calls for large increases in infrastructure spending, continued debt reduction, focusing on downtown and our river and lakefront properties, our industrial park, business growth throughout the entire community both large and small, and a greater focus on our educational and cultural amenities. You can learn more about this plan by visiting www.justinnickels.com


I will also be holding regular office hours at my Campaign Headquarters located at the corner of S. 8th and Franklin Streets, 901A S. 8th Street in historic downtown Manitowoc. Those hours will be listed on social media and my website. Or, stop in the office at City Hall or chat with me at an event. I’m always excited to hear and learn from you on how we can do things better.


Looking back at all of this, I am still gratified each and every day that you gave a fresh-faced 18 year old high school student the opportunity to serve you on the Common Council and it has truly been the honor and privilege of my life to serve as your mayor these past 8 years. I hope I can earn your vote on April 4th to serve you and our community for 4 more years.


Until next week, Thank you.